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Irish Centre for High-End Computing

About the Organisation

The Irish Centre for High-End Computing was established in response to this demand and to extend both the computational science expertise and IT skills-base of Ireland through programmes of training and education. With highly skilled staff, ICHEC is able to leverage its expertise to provide up-skilling services to the research and broader communities and to engage in technology transfer with the commercial sector, particularly Irish small and medium enterprises (SMEs). ICHEC also recognises that the provision of a centralised HEC facility must align itself with and participate actively in EU-wide HPC consortia which seek to consolidate and foster both a pan-European world-leading computational science research infrastructure and develop a persistent pan-European high-performance leadership-class computing service and infrastructure.
Accordingly, the primary objectives of ICHEC are firstly, to address the need for HPC facilities and support at the national level and secondly, to act as the national access point to trans-national European HPC facilities.