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About the Organisation

Météo-France is the French national meteorological and climate service. It provides forecasts to the public and warnings about extreme weather which could affect public safety and properties. Its research department, the Centre National de Recherches Météorologiques (CNRM), is responsible for conducting most of the meteorological research activities of the service, as well as for coordinating research/development undertaken within other MF departments. CNRM leads finalized research actions that are actions that can be applied within a few years to operational weather forecast or to climate projections. These research activities encompass the atmosphere, extending to, and including, closely related fields and boundaries, such as stratospheric ozone chemistry, upper ocean, physics and dynamics of the snow cover, surface hydrology etc. CNRM has 225 permanent staff among which there are one third researchers (evaluated following a peer review procedure) and about 60 PhD students and post-doc scientists.