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Royal Météorologique de Belgique

About the Organisation

The Royal Météorologique de Belgique represents the ALADIN consortium, which is one of the four European programs on Short-Range Numerical Weather Prediction using limited-area models (LAMs). It is a collaboration of 16 countries, with a total annually reported man power contribution of about 85 full-time equivalents. It shares its model code with the IFS of ECMWF. From this code different LAM model configurations (ALADIN, ALARO, AROME) are used by the participating National Meteorological Services (NMSs) to make short-range forecasts for their operational duties. The activities in the consortium cover all aspects of numerical weather prediction (NWP), ranging from model development, data assimilation, ensemble prediction, validation and verification studies, as well as the exchange of tool and software for post processing of NWP output.