Project structure

The work plan builds on the iterative interaction between the different work packages centred around the central idea of defining Weather & Climate Dwarfs that encapsulate and modularise key algorithmic motifs for effectively simulating weather and climate (WP1); investing in porting approaches and higher-level data-structure and language abstractions to leverage porting with novel compiler instructions, domain-specific languages and special communication libraries (WP2); understanding, adapting and optimizing the use of specific accelerator technologies (GPUs, MICs, optical) (WP3); applying energy-aware metrics and leveraging the gap to legacy code NWP applications (WP4); disseminating results to industry, programming environment developers and stakeholders, and ensuring future recruitment opportunities by adequate training and education (WP5); and finally ensuring appropriate project management (WP6).

Project Number: 671627
Topic: FETHPC-1-2014 HPC Core Technologies, Programming Environments and Algorithms for Extreme Parallelism and Extreme Data Applications
Start Date: 1st October 2015
Duration: 36 months
EU Funding: EUR 3,977,952.50