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WP2: Code Adaptation

Aim: WP2 will explore different porting approaches and higher-level data-structure and language abstractions such as DSLs. The goal is to develop a way forward to achieve, at the software level, an efficient, portable, and maintainable source code capable of running on different emerging hardware architectures. WP2 will leverage the Weather & Climate Dwarfs in all of its activities for exploration and as demonstration vehicles of different porting approaches.

Approach and methodology: Several project partners bring significant previous experience in porting of applications to accelerator-based hardware to this project. Partnering with vendors will allow for a direct feedback loop from the model developers to the relevant standard bodies in order to highlight key features which would reduce the burden of porting and help achieve performance portability.

All research activities revolving around the development of a DSL for stencil methods on structured grids and unstructured meshes will profit from synergies with on-going research efforts within the Platform of Advanced Scientific Computing (PASC). Significant progress has already been made for structured and block-structured grids and this project will contribute to extend these approaches to fully unstructured meshes and interoperate them with the data-structure framework in use at ECMWF and further developed in ESCAPE.