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WP3: Hybrid Computing

Aim: WP3 will optimize the exploitation of alternative technologies and specialized accelerators such as NVIDIA GPUs, Intel MICs, and Optalysys Ltd optical processors in a hybrid environment. WP3 is led by a vendor and has substantial hardware vendor involvement. However, the variety of hardware accelerators involved will facilitate the development of optimization strategies beyond specific processor choices.

Approach and methodology: The work in WP3 comprises a survey of data scope analysis tools to identify data locality in applications and will lead to recommendations and specifications for future tool development. Moreover, WP3 will establish and use performance models for Weather & Climate Dwarfs and report on optimization and implementation of Weather & Climate Dwarfs on different accelerator types, both in single node and multi-node systems. Finally, WP3 will project achievable performance at scale for selected Weather & Climate Dwarfs and NWP applications on hybrid architectures.