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ESCAPE Dwarf Software License

A numerical weather & climate prediction dwarf is a self-contained set of algorithms representing a key functional block of a forecast model. More specifically, a weather & climate prediction dwarf should encapsulate a relevant characteristic or required functionality of a weather and climate prediction model and it is meant to be a runnable and verifiable mini-application. The specific implementation of a dwarf in ESCAPE is referred to as prototype, where the prototype should represent a new concept or implementation of a weather and climate prediction model. Examples from this perspective are the specialization of a particular dwarf to different hardware (e.g. accelerators) or a new concept allowing the solution of a required functional block in a different manner (e.g. different advection schemes for the dynamical core).

ESCAPE has so far produced 8 dwarfs:
  • dwarf-D-advection-MPDATA    
  • dwarf-D-advection-MPDATA-structured 
  • dwarf-D-advection-SemiLagrangian 
  • dwarf-D-ellipticSolver-GCR  
  • dwarf-D-spectralTransform-BiFourier    
  • dwarf-D-spectralTransform-sphericalHarmonics    
  • dwarf-I-LAITRI   
  • dwarf-P-cloudMicrophysics-IFSScheme
Details of dwarfs can be found in D1.1 Batch 1: Definition of several Weather & Climate DwarfsFurther dwarfs will be added in due course.

These can be made available via the "LICENCE FOR USE OF ESCAPE DWARFS" which permits free of charge use for educational and/or non-commercial research. If you wish to access any of the implementations, please contact us via the contact form and we will provide further information on the process of obtaining a license.