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This page contains recent announcements from across the community relating to gender balance.

Gender Summit Newsletter (June 2017) Extracts

European Commission at GS10
The actions taken in Europe to advance gender equality in research are closely followed by policy makers and science leaders elsewhere in the world. In his video welcome message to GS10, which we like to share with you, Carlos Moedas, the EU Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation listed several examples of the progress made in Europe, and spoke about the EU’s continued commitment to improve gender equality in science institutions, science process and science knowledge. A more detailed explanation of how the European Commission goes about creating the conditions needed to achieve these objectives was given at GS10 by the EU Deputy Director General, Wolfgang Burtscher, whose message was advancing gender equality in science is simply the right thing to do: one should not need to have to justify why.

GenPORT Platform for Quality Resources in the Fields of Gender and Science
This GenPORT on-line platform was developed with EU funding and through an extensive and wide-reaching consultations with relevant communities. It is open to all researchers, experts and practitioners working to advance understanding of gender issues in science (very broadly interpreted) and applications of gender-related knowledge in research, in innovation, for socio-economic development, and to inform STEM related policies. There are already more than 1100 quality resources listed. Please register as user to contribute new resources, comment on the existing ones, write a blog, find experts, or find ideas for your new project.

Gender in the Global Research Landscape Report
This important report examines global research performance through a gender lens. It was produced by Elsevier in collaboration with experts from around the world. The “Gender in the Global Research Landscape” report provides an evidence-based examination of the scholarly output and impact of research to inform governments, funders and institutions worldwide.

Nominate women for two important Awards
The Technology Academy Finland (TAF) invites the scientific and innovation community around the world to nominate candidates for the 2018 Millennium Technology Prize. Nominations should be submitted on-line, and made by universities, research institutes, academies, and companies, anywhere in the world. The deadline is July 31, 2017. The Prize is open to citizens of all nationalities and to all fields of technology excluding military technology. The nominee can be an individual or a research group. A winning innovation must have a proven track record of practical applications and the potential to accelerate further research.
Also from Finland is the new International Award for Women for Technological and Economic Innovation, established by the Finnish Parliament to celebrate the 110th anniversary of universal suffrage. The award is granted to a woman or a group of women for a scientifically significant innovation in the field of technology or economy. All branches of these fields are covered by the award. The award will be worth EUR 110,000 and it will be granted in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Statement from the European Commission to members of the ERA Stakeholder Platform (Oct 2016)

“…the Commission takes note of the on-going petition 'Keep funding research/action on gender equality in science in Horizon 2020' as well as of the concerns expressed in the petition text with respect to the way in which gender-specific institutional changes are addressed in the present draft Science with and for Society Scoping Paper 2018-2020. The Commission wishes to reassure all stakeholders that with respect to its support for institutional change for gender equality the Commission envisages no change in policy whatsoever and that it aims to continue strengthening the implementation of its policy in this area… The Commission will clarify in the final Science with and for Society Scoping Paper 2018-2020 that it will continue specific funding for research and action, including institutional change in support of gender equality in research and innovation policy."

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