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This page contains recent announcements from accross the community relating to gender balance.

Statement from the European Commission to members of the ERA Stakeholder Platform (Oct 2016):

“…the Commission takes note of the on-going petition 'Keep funding research/action on gender equality in science in Horizon 2020' as well as of the concerns expressed in the petition text with respect to the way in which gender-specific institutional changes are addressed in the present draft Science with and for Society Scoping Paper 2018-2020. The Commission wishes to reassure all stakeholders that with respect to its support for institutional change for gender equality the Commission envisages no change in policy whatsoever and that it aims to continue strengthening the implementation of its policy in this area… The Commission will clarify in the final Science with and for Society Scoping Paper 2018-2020 that it will continue specific funding for research and action, including institutional change in support of gender equality in research and innovation policy."

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